Porsche 911T – 2

Vehicle Profile

Model: Porsche 911T                         Construction Year: 1971

Gemini Blue Code 086

Historical vehicle repair

The body, as well as the body parts have been sustainably refurbished, sealed and coated. These measures help to extend the lifespan of the body by preventing corrosion and weather-related damage.
The cavities have been professionally sealed. Axle parts as well as steel attachments were galvanized and chromated yellow. Chassis parts were sandblasted and plastic coated.
When choosing the different spare parts and materials, great importance was always attached to originality and quality. The Porsche 911T was completed with a high degree of precision and attention to detail. The precise coordination of the individual components leads to a sporty and safe driving experience in the Porsche 911T.
Wherever we were able to, we received the original parts of the vehicle and gave them new shine and function. We attach particular importance to sustainability and quality in our work and we are very pleased that we were able to repair this unique project in our certified garage for historic vehicles.

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